How do I set glow notifications?

Hidrate Spark Glow patterns can be set by you. To personalize your bottle:

  1. COMPLETELY close the app (close it from the iPhone switcher as well)
  2. Reopen and make sure your Bluetooth is on and the app home screen says "Connected"
  3. Go to Settings >>> Glow Notifications
  4. Select from 0 - 10 glow notifications a day.
  5. Select a glow type (note V1 bottles can only choose the white glow options)

If you're using a Hidrate Spark 2.0 and want to maximize your glow, we recommend setting the frequency to 10 and Glow Type to Extended Pulse. For more tips to maximize your glow visibility, please see here:

Any glow type that contains "Combo" is the most visible since it utilizes all 4 LED lights inside the sensor stick.

Unfortunately any of the options that are colored, combo, or alternating are only available for the Hidrate Spark 2.0, but you still are able to choose any of the white light options with Version 1.0.

PS: Please keep in mind that a high number of glows will affect the bottle battery life.

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