How do I set glow notifications?

Hidrate Spark Glow notifications can be set by you. To personalize your bottle:

  1. COMPLETELY close the app (close it from the iPhone switcher as well)
  2. Reopen and make sure your Bluetooth is on and the app home screen says "Connected"
  3. Go to Settings > Glow Notifications
  4. Select Bottle glows (iOS) / Glow Notifications (Android) and adjust from 0 to 10 glow notifications per day.
  5. Select OK
  6. Under "Remind me when?" select either "Always remind me" or "Only when I'm behind" based on the description of each and your personal preference
  7. Under Glow type, you may choose "Low", "Medium" or "High" (The chosen glow type will affect the number and speed of glow pulses)
  8. Completely close and re-open the app and wait for it to again show Connected on the Home screen.
    • This app restart is recommended ensure the new settings are saved on the bottle.

If you're using a Hidrate Spark 2.0 and want to maximize your glow, we recommend setting the frequency to 10 and Glow Type to High. For more tips to maximize your glow visibility, please see here:

The "High" glow type is the most visible since it utilizes the maximum glow pulses. 

PS: Please keep in mind that the maximum number of glows and the "High" glow type will affect the bottle battery life.

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