What apps can I connect to?




  • Blair Magon

    Any chance of Samsung Gear S and Samsung Health Support anytime soon? Not much point purchasing unless there is that support

  • Jessica Reese McIntyre

    I see that Samsung phones are compatible but I too want to know about whether or not Samsung Gear Fit2 watches and Samsung S Health app are supported. I would have bought one 5 minutes ago if both of these were identified as supported. Thank you.

  • Laura Pearson

    I agree with Blair and Jessica!  I too would have bought at least 1 bottle already if both Gear Fit2 and Samsung Health app were supported.  Not EVERYONE has an Apple product!!

  • Carmen A

    On iOS, what is the direction of connection of the Hidrate App with MyFitnessPal?  I have been using both about a week, but no Water info has transferred into MyFitnessPal.


  • scott

    once you connect to the fitbit app will it update automatically or do I got to add my water intake manually to the fitbit app?

  • Kelli Bock

    It would be great if we were ankle to sync with samsung health! Why only apple?

  • Albert Mulder

    Where is S health Support? Ready to return my bottle, as you said it should be out soon. Now I have my bottle and it is still not supported.

  • Julien Stroheker

    +1 for Samsung Health support

  • Shelby Freson

    +1 for Samsung Health support

  • Ziredge

    Would this work in some way with Android Wear 2.0?

  • manmeet

    I am having difficulty syncing it with fitbit. I am on Samsung Note 8 and in the app it shows fitbit button ON but when I go to fitbit app, I do not see any water intake. Can I go ahead and uninstall the app and try again? Will this lose all my previous data?

  • Yuval Melamed

    Integrating the water intake with Samsung's "S Health" app is a must, thank you.

  • David Wittig

    Samsung Health connectivity is a MUST!  When can we expect it?!?

  • Android

    Not only do you not support S Health, but you systematically ignore all of the people asking about it.  That's some great service.  That tells me about all I need to know about the company.

  • Albert Mulder

    I asked a over a year ago about it and they send me an email saying very soon they would support it. STILL NOTHING. I had family members that wanted the bottle but also only if it S Health. Well you can guess I have not used my bottle now for over a year. WASTE of money. They lie about the support.


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