What apps can I connect to?




  • Blair Magon

    Any chance of Samsung Gear S and Samsung Health Support anytime soon? Not much point purchasing unless there is that support

  • Jessica Reese McIntyre

    I see that Samsung phones are compatible but I too want to know about whether or not Samsung Gear Fit2 watches and Samsung S Health app are supported. I would have bought one 5 minutes ago if both of these were identified as supported. Thank you.

  • Laura Pearson

    I agree with Blair and Jessica!  I too would have bought at least 1 bottle already if both Gear Fit2 and Samsung Health app were supported.  Not EVERYONE has an Apple product!!

  • Carmen A

    On iOS, what is the direction of connection of the Hidrate App with MyFitnessPal?  I have been using both about a week, but no Water info has transferred into MyFitnessPal.


  • scott

    once you connect to the fitbit app will it update automatically or do I got to add my water intake manually to the fitbit app?

  • Kelli Bock

    It would be great if we were ankle to sync with samsung health! Why only apple?

  • Albert Mulder

    Where is S health Support? Ready to return my bottle, as you said it should be out soon. Now I have my bottle and it is still not supported.

  • Julien Stroheker

    +1 for Samsung Health support

  • Shelby Freson

    +1 for Samsung Health support

  • Ziredge

    Would this work in some way with Android Wear 2.0?

  • manmeet

    I am having difficulty syncing it with fitbit. I am on Samsung Note 8 and in the app it shows fitbit button ON but when I go to fitbit app, I do not see any water intake. Can I go ahead and uninstall the app and try again? Will this lose all my previous data?

  • Yuval Melamed

    Integrating the water intake with Samsung's "S Health" app is a must, thank you.

  • David Wittig

    Samsung Health connectivity is a MUST!  When can we expect it?!?

  • Android

    Not only do you not support S Health, but you systematically ignore all of the people asking about it.  That's some great service.  That tells me about all I need to know about the company.

  • Albert Mulder

    I asked a over a year ago about it and they send me an email saying very soon they would support it. STILL NOTHING. I had family members that wanted the bottle but also only if it S Health. Well you can guess I have not used my bottle now for over a year. WASTE of money. They lie about the support.


  • j g

    I asked about Hidrate being able to sync water with Samsung Health, which is what the entire Samsung wearable line uses.  I got a misleading reply back suggesting I couild link hidrate to fitbit and it would link to samsung.   This is not correct.  Samsung health will not get water usage from fitbit, and the latest versions don't even link between the two anymore, so what is the point?

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