Don't leave me behind feature?

The don't leave me behind feature may be one of the coolest things about the Hidrate Spark bottle. When you have location features enabled, your app will show you a pin on the map of where you were last paired with your bottle. So if you leave it at the gym and get home and realize that you are missing your bottle simply go to your profile in the app. Click on bottles and select your bottle and you will see the last location where you were paired with your bottle on the map. This way you can easily go back and get it. 

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    Robin Hudspeth

    I have gone into my Hidrate app, gone to My Profile, hit the wheel (settings), tap Profile, hit Location. I have Backgroun App Refresh on and Cellular Data on, but my Hidrate app is not showing me my location of either of my bottles. 

    My app is paired with my bottles, and one is right next to my phone. It is paired and up to date with the amount of water I'm drinking, but not showing a location. 

    What am I missing? I have a iPhone. 

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    Erika Ruth

    I have the same question as Robin.  Your instructions above do not make any sense.  I went to my profile but there is no "bottles" to select my bottle.  So, I cannot figure out how to see the last location.  Please let me know, otherwise I'm doing nothing but draining battery while location services is turned on.

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    I have the same issue, it tells me the last time it was synced but it does not tell me the location, just shows a pin on an empty grid.  How can I see the location as I have not had my bottle for 5 days now and it's killing me!

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