What color glow lights come with my new bottle / sensor stick?

Most bottle colors feature sensor sticks with Red LED glow lights. However, bottle colors in blue and green tones typically feature Green LED glow lights.

Currently, White, Black, and Purple bottles feature Red glow lights, while Teal and Royal Blue bottles feature Green glow lights.

  • Occasionally, special Limited Edition bottle colors are available. Limited Edition bottles in blue or green tones, may also feature sensors with Green LED glow lights. (e.g. Our Limited Edition Mint and Sky Blue bottles)


Note: While our latest, improved sensor sticks include Red or Green LED lights only; Original sensor sticks featured Red and White, or Green and White combination LED lights.

We are always working to improve product design, with both the Hidrate Spark bottle, and the Hidrate Spark app. We've listened to customer feedback, and as part of this improvement, sensor stick glows were updated to include colored LED lights only, and no longer include White LED's.

This improvement added a brighter, more noticeable glow! :) It also helps in extending the bottle's battery life, as White LED lights require more battery power than color LED's.

The glow notification settings within the app were also updated to reflect this change. 

Available Glow type options are Low, Medium and High. 

  • The selected glow type affects the number and speed of the sensor's glow pulses


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