Is there an Apple Watch app?




  • Danielle Cohen

    Will you be making an app for any other smart watches?

  • Cammy Ann Hell

    Apple Watch app doesn't work. It just says. Log in. Idk what that means considering I'm already logged in on my phone and there's no way to log in on the watch. What do I do?

  • Rick Morgan

    I have the same problem Cammy, but not all of the time.  Sometimes it works and i can see my amount of water consumed and can add some to that volume.  Other times it just says "Log in"  smh.


  • Nikki Snier

    The app on my Apple Watch isn't working at all. All that comes up is the water icon. Will this be updated soon?

  • Shelby Freson

    Will there be an app added for the Samsung watches?

  • Jessi Pacetti

    I can't get my watch to connect to the app and I've reset my watch completely twice. Any ideas? Does anyone ever answer these? 

  • Droveto

    Hi - Is the watch app currently working? When I go to load in on to my watch by opening in the watch App Store at simply opens up my phone app. Hidrate doesn’t show on my list of downloadable watch apps.

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