Can I put other liquids in my bottle?




  • Nicole Washington

    What about flavored water?

  • Melissa Laird

    Can you add the flavor to your water or flavored water to the bottle ?

  • Nicholas Hanges

    So can we use flavored water or not?

  • Thomas Curtis

    I don't see any answers to the questions above.  What about flavored water?    Can ANYTHING be added to the water?  What size ice cubes can br used?

  • Nicholas Hanges

    Heres an email I got from support that may help answer:




    Kate (Hidrate)

    Jun 15, 12:48 CDT


    We don't recommend putting any liquid other than water in your bottle. However, you can add liquid or powdered water flavorings, along with small pieces of sliced fruit. Keep in mind, larger pieces can throw off the sensor, as it takes up more room, and cause your readings to be slightly skewed.

    Also, please don't put lemon oil into the bottle since it can damage the plastic, and we do not recommend putting any water warmer than room temperature, as the heat could damage the sensor stick. For this same reason, please do not put the sensor stick in the dishwasher. You can put the bottle lid and bottle cavity in the dishwasher. Simply hand wash the sensor tube in warm water.

    Hope this helps!:)
  • Debra Abell

    Can I put plain seltzer water, carbonated water or club soda in the bottle?

  • inga fleischhacker

    Can I put flavored seltzer water in my bottle? I like to add Crystal light to my seltzer water.

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