How to add and pair a bottle form your profile?

Here is a video on how to add and pair a bottle from your profile.
Go to your profile.
Click on the "bottles" tab.
Click the "add bottle" button.
Pairing Screen
The app will open up a pairing screen search for a bottle close by. You must be sitting right next to your bottle for it to find it. 

Touch your phone to the bottle lid
When it’s found a bottle it will prompt you to place the phone close to the lid of the bottle and wait for it to connect. This can take up to a couple minutes.

Bluetooth Pairing Request
A Bluetooth Pairing Request will pop up and click "Pair". Note it will be uniquely titled so it will be a different ID than this image. 

Mission Accomplished
Once the bottle is paired you will get a message that says mission accomplished, we’re paired and the bottle will glow.

Fill bottle Completely
Fill the bottle completely and screw down the lid and place on a flat stable surface for 10 seconds to calibrate. Then start drinking water normally. 
Your new bottle will be displayed in a card that you can click on. It will let you name the bottle, show the last time and location the bottles was paired, as well as the battery level of your bottle. You can also see on the map exactly where the last location was that you paired with your bottle. Please note you must enable location services for this feature to work.
*You can add multiple bottles to one account, however you will only be paired with one bottle at a time, most likely the one that you were last closest to. 
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