How to manually replace the batteries?

Detailed step-by-step instructions are listed below.

  • We recommend checking out this video on replacing the sensor stick batteries first: Manually replacing batteries for the Hidrate Spark:

To manually replace the sensor stick batteries: 

Your bottle uses 2 CR2032 coin cell batteries.

All bottles ship with an extra set of batteries. If you need replacements you can find them at most stores, or email support and let us know. We'd be happy to send you some! :)

  1. Remove the sensor stick from the bottle lid. 
    • Make sure there is no water on the sensor stick. Dry it off if necessary.
  2. Unscrew the sensor stick cap.
  3. Remove the battery pack.
  4. Remove the clear rubber ring securing the battery pack.
  5. Carefully remove the metal clip. 
    • The small metal clip that creates a contact between the batteries within the pack
  6. Remove the batteries from the battery pack and dispose of them appropriately.
    • They're pretty easy to remove, but you can use tweezers if you have trouble gripping the batteries (as seen in the video) 
  7. Insert the new batteries. (Positive sides facing outward)
    • Refer to the video, or see the detailed instructions below to ensure you're inserting the batteries the correct way. 
  8. Replace the small metal clip to create a contact between the batteries.
  9. Place the battery pack back into the sensor stick lid. (The side with the two metal contacts facing down) 
    • Refer to the video, or see the detailed instructions below to ensure you're placing the pack the correct way within the lid. 
  10. Re-attach and screw down the sensor stick cap until the triangles line up (or as tight as you're able) to keep the battery pack in place, and ensure a water tight seal.
    • To ensure a water tight seal, make sure to screw the cap down as tight as possible. Be careful that the black plastic ring does not get pinched or move out of place.

After tightening the cap, the sensor stick will blink (glow) twice. Re-attach the sensor stick to your bottle lid and you’re good to go! 


If the sensor stick does not glow:

Double-check that the batteries were inserted in the battery pack correctly, and the battery pack is placed in the sensor stick lid the correct way. Refer to the video and/or detailed steps below.

How to properly insert the batteries in the battery pack: 

NOTE: In general, the positive side of each battery will be clearly marked with a + (plus symbol). The negative side will not have a - (minus symbol). It is unmarked, and typically has a dotted or textured surface.

Holding the battery pack, (it looks like a sandwich) pull out the batteries. 

  • When placing the batteries into the slots, the sides marked with the + (plus symbol) should face outwards. - Both on the top and the bottom side of the battery pack.
    • i.e. The battery pack with batteries inserted will look like this: [+-|-+]  

Make sure the battery pack is also placed the correct way within the sensor stick lid.

  • The side of the battery pack that has the two metal contacts is the bottom side. This side needs to come in contact with the metal rings on the sensor stick.


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