How to keep any eye on a friend and add them to your home screen?




  • Char Claxton

    I have a friend on my watch list.  When we first got our bottles, I could see her activity on my home screen.  Now I can't.  Her indicator stays at the 12 o'clock position.  I've tried deleting the app and reinstalling and deleting her as a friend and refriending all to no avail.  Help please.

  • T.d. Scales

    Me and a friend are trying to add each other to track our progress. We both have the app already and everytime we send each other an invite to join it just opens up to the same app. She logged on using FB and I logged in using email. Why can't we be friends and track each other!!

  • T.d. Scales

    There is no circle with plus sign because my friend already is setup with the app, but I can't figure out how to add her to my friend list! What gives?

  • T.d. Scales

    When I try to click on the + sign to add a friend using Facebook I'm prompted to reset my Facebook password. Why? Last time I did that my bottle would not connect because it thought I was someone else who the bottle was connected and being used.

  • Jennifer Sparks

    T.d...... What did you figure out to link your friend? I have having the exact same problem currently.

  • Jill

    Jennifer did you find out anything about adding friends and just going to straight to the App Store?

  • Bryce bayens

    Ok so I was experiencing a issue earlier where I couldn’t find my friends to add on the app. I figured out how to resolve the issue. You have to open your contacts app and add the email they signed up with to their contact information. Then go back into the app and refresh. Let me know if this helps anyone.

  • Amanda Pryma

    I need friends. is there a page where we can exchange info to be "friends"

  • nicky

    I hope there will be badges and challenges soon

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