How do I recalibrate my bottle?




  • Christina Napier

    This didnt work for me, even changed the batteries, removed and re-synced

    ...nothing.  Bottle lights up but doesnt update on my phone.

  • Erik Orduno

    I am having the same problem, any help


  • Marc Anthony Ramos Cacho

    Didn't work. Bottle isn't syncing anymore but is connected

  • Chelsea Fletcher

    I am having the same issue. It is connected but not syncing properly. Anyone figure it out yet?

  • Chelsea Fletcher

    Thus is going to sound weird but I went into my personal information and changed some of my info like my wake up and go to bed times. Then I went back and it started to sync properly again.

  • Elizabeth Gray Cannard

    I'm in the App and cannot see the recalibrate button.  I also can't manually adjust what I have drank.  I hadn't drank anything today, and yet is says I have drank 22 oz.  How do I fix it???  It would have been helpful if there were answers responded to on this page.


  • Darla Stewart

    It keeps reminding me to drink but what I do drink isn’t registering. I changed the batteries, uninstalled and reinstalled my bottle. It’s still not working. I do not see a recalibrate button any where

  • Diane Kathleen Zear

    Bottle “connected” but not “loading”. I’ve tried everything I can think of to resolve issue.

  • Caitie Winn

    Bottle “connected” but not “loading” also.... been like this all day. Tried to troubleshoot but nothing is working

  • Becky Hanson

    my app does not have the "recalibrate bottle" option. Under the map on the Bottle card, my only options are "Remove This Bottle" or "Make it Glow"

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