How to link with my Facebook account?

If you did not sign in with facebook during the set up process you can go to the settings and link to it. 

Go to your profile. 

Click on the gear icon to get to settings. 

Click on "Profile" link.

Click on "Account" link. 

Click on "Facebook account linked" 

It will redirect to Facebook where you will need to agree to let the Hidrate Spark app link to it. 

A check mark will appear when it has sucessfully linked. 

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    Krista Carmack

    When I go to sign in with Facebook it tells me a sign in error, please try again.. I don't know what to do.

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    Amanda Heaton Karki

    I was having the same issue. It wouldn't let me sign up with Facebook or by email. I closed the app and then when I opened it again I was logged in. Hope that helps!

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    Susan Williams

    Thank you Amanda!!  That worked for me with the same issue.

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