How to add friends?

  1. Click on the social icon
  2. Click on the friends tab
  3. Click on the little person with the plus sign in the header

You can add friends from Facebook, your Contacts, or by Email. 

After adding a friend, your friend will need to accept the request. Friend requests can be found under Social > New (iOS) -or- Social > Notifications (Android)


  • When entering by email, keep in mind the account email is case-sensitive. All new accounts are automatically reverted to all lower-case letters at set up. If you're having trouble, double check the account email both you and your friend are using to ensure they're entered in all lower-case.
    • If you or a friend have had an account for longer than 6 months, the email address may need to be entered exactly as is was when the account was set up. (Upper/Lower case letters must match)
  • For a new potential friend to show up under the Facebook tab, both you and your friends accounts must be linked with Facebook.
  • For a new potential friend to show up under the contacts tab, you must have the email they use to sign in to the Hidrate app as that persons email in the Apple contact app, or Android contacts.
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