15 minute force glow test

If you already set the maximum glow settings ( and still don't see the glow, here is a test that you can do to see that the glow notifications are working:


1. Make sure your bottle is connected

2. Make sure you already set the maximum glow settings

3. Go to Settings >>> Profile >>> Personal Info

4. Set your wake up time as the current time. Set your awake time to 15 minutes from the current time. This will make it appear you will be awake for 15 minutes

5. Go back to Settings >>> Goal

6. Set your goal to an artificial goal (e.g. 300 oz) so you're for sure behind on your goal.

7. Completely close and re-open the app and wait for it to say connected on the home screen. This app restart must be done so the new settings can get set on the bottle.

9. Wait for the 15 minute window and you should see the bottle glow about every minute and a half.

10. After seeing the glow, change your awake time and goal back to normal. Close & reopen the app to save those settings.


With this test, you will "pretend" that you are only awake for 15 minutes. If you see it glow within that time span, then your bottle is working as it should. This is what happens but spread out throughout the day during your awake time, so you may miss the glow if you are not looking at the bottle and if it is not within your line of sight when it glows.


Again, please go back to your settings and change your awake time and goal back to normal afterwards. Please make sure to close the app and re-open it afterwards to make sure that the correct settings are saved.

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